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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The upcoming webinar is about how a NetDocuments customer benefited netDocShare and our Extranet Services in SharePoint.

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To easily integrate NetDocuments with SharePoint or any web application.

Yes, netDocShare has a simple user interface that can be configured by non-technical users for business users.

netDocShare provides your firm with the ability to Live View, Edit, and Sync any NetDocuments content within Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or your favorite web application.

netDocShare Teams app allows users to view NetDocuments content within MS Teams, enabling easy access to relevant firm content right within a Team conversation thread.

You can simply pin netDocShare app on Teams Navigation bar or add to Team Channel Tab or add to a SharePoint page or Web application page to view NetDocuments content stored in Cabinets, Workspaces, Folders / Sub-Folders, CollabSpaces, Saved Searches and Filters.

The netDocShare Teams app augments the power of instant collaboration and communication using MS Teams with advanced Document Management capabilities of NetDocuments to create a modern digital workplace.

Recent Documents WebPart, TreeView WebPart, Normal View WebPart, and Favorites WebPart.

No, you can add multiple WebParts onto the SharePoint page point to any cabinet, workspace, or any other sources.

netDocShare helps you to integrate and live-view NetDocuments content within SharePoint easily.

Yes, NetDocShare allows you to co-author Microsoft office-based documents stored in NetDocuments using native Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Yes, it is easy to create a new version of the NetDocuments content right within SharePoint or your favorite web app.

Yes, you can effortlessly search and retrieve documents stored in NetDocuments directly from within their portal.

Yes, netDocShare allows you to lock your document version to disallow further unnecessary changes or revisions.

Yes, you can experience the full view of the document and its version history.

Yes, netDocShare helps to apply document security, and you can share NetDocuments with a secured link within internal or external users.

Yes, you can follow any document to track changes or updates through mail notification easily.

Yes, netDocShare mirrors your repository in NetDocuments.

Of course, you can enjoy an intuitive and responsive user experience.

Ultimately, netDocShare benefits you in reducing costs and enhancing productivity with enterprise search for client-related and project-related information.