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netDocShare Release Notes

netDocShare v1 API will be deprecated as of 31 December 2023. All customers are advised to upgrade your netDocShare SharePoint app, Teams app, Attach SharePoint extension, Admin Desktop app, Sync Admin Desktop app, Sync OneDrive Desktop app, Sync SharePoint extension, and Provisioning Desktop app to the latest release as soon as possible. Please reach out to if you have any further questions.

netDocShare v4.2.3.0311

Release date: (11-03-2024)
netDocShare Sync
  • Copy jobs - Users can copy jobs using existing sync jobs.
  • Metadata Creation – The column mentioned below is created in the SharePoint document library when a User selects the ‘Update timestamp’ value as ‘Yes’ to ensure the following columns are created
    • NDCreated
    • NDCreatedBy
    • NDModified
    • NDModifiedBy
  • Export and Import jobs- Users are able to export a Sync job with metadata column values and then they are able to import the same template.

netDocShare v4.2.1.20801

Release date: (29-01-2024)
netDocShare Sync
  • Sync Control: Being able to stop or restart a sync job.
  • Custom Display Locations: Change the display location for NetDocuments and Teams or SharePoint in column mapping.
  • Doc Links: Removed the appended NetDocuments ID from the synced SharePoint URL file type on Doc Links sync types.
  • Move Documents: Moving a document to a subfolder in NetDocuments deleted the document at the parent level in SharePoint and sync the document to the subfolder in SharePoint.

netDocShare v4.2.0.0901

Release date: (09-01-2024)
netDocShare Sync
  • Edit Sync Job - Teams Channel level sync Removed the Sync job Save validation.

netDocShare v4.2.0.0101

Release date: (01-01-2024)
New Features
netDocShare Admin / netDocShare Sync / netDocShare Provisioning
  • Firm Name and license key login method Removed. (This is applicable for netDocShare Admin, Sync and provisioning.

netDocShare v4.2.0.1612

Release date: (18/12/2023)
New Features
netDocShare Sync
  • Sync deleted files and folders.
  • Sync checkout status
  • Sync selected files and folders in Bidirectional sync.
  • Default meta data column creation for Document type when doc links
  • Export jobs – Export the sync jobs filter by between created date Or modified date Or status of the sync.
  • UI Improvements
  • Added metadata column for sync locations in the teams/SharePoint document library.
  • Added metadata column for last synced date in teams files tab/SharePoint document library or list.
  • Move the NetDocuments-to-NetDocuments different cabinet.
  • Capture version description in NetDocuments version history when sync the files
  • Quick sync jobs showing already created sync jobs.
  • Apply the permission for teams to NetDocuments or NetDocuments to teams files and folders.
netDocShare SharePoint/Teams
  • If ndClick is not installed download the document for external users.
  • Show sync button based on VESA permission.
  • Dynamic view for SharePoint to show the NetDocuments files and folders based on query string property and value.
  • Populate the team members automatically when start coauthoring in teams.
  • Support French language for teams and SharePoint to translate the label, buttons and text to French.
netDocShare Admin
  • Control the Microsoft login for post and coauthoring to login tenant based or common using the tenant id.
  • Control the Coauthoring selection setting to allow the external users to select as coauthor Or allow ACL of the document to select the coauthor.
  • Populate team members as coauthors in teams using the “Populate team members toggle”.
  • Added new field to allow the web URL to access the netDocShare core app.

netDocShare v4.1.1.1510

Release date: (16/10/2023)
netDocShare Sync
New Features
  • Implemented the New login method using email-id.
  • Files rename (sync) supported.
  • UI performance improved & existing issues fixed.

netDocShare v4.1.0.1007

Release date: (07/10/2023)
netDocShare Teams App
New Features
  • My Emails Tab in personal app: To view all email format files.
  • My Checked out Documents Tab in personal app: To view all checked Out documents and able to bulk check-in(change the status).
  • Save to NetDocuments teams Extension: save the specific conversation thread to NetDocuments location as a PDF file.
  • Compose extension: Insert the document/folder/workspace as adaptive card.
  • Supporting dark theme based on teams theme setting.
netDocShare Core
New Features
  • Dark Theme mode supported in the netDocShare Teams app.
  • Improved security standards for all KLoBot API calls.
  • Improved the overall performance in the Teams tab and SharePoint webpart.
  • Once deploying the SharePoint package, updating the License key file on the client-side assets is not necessary.
  • Improved the co-authoring performance.
  • Once Co-authoring ends, an email notification is sent to co-authors. To update the Azure application, please follow the below steps.
    1) Azure App registration => find your co-authoring application => API Permissions => add Mail. Send delegated permission and click grant admin consent
    2) In the Authentication tab => add the following redirect URLs
  • Improved the performance of the netDocShare Hybrid search filter or refinement section.
netDocShare Sync
New Features
  • Copy and move Documents back to the NetDocuments folder and files within NetDocuments.
  • Move file capability enhanced (delete the file permanently based on user selection).
  • Metadata columns sync supported for Teams and OneDrive.
  • Scheduled jobs UI upgraded.
  • UI performance improved.

netDocShare v4.0.0.2002

New Features
  • Ability to perform an advanced search in Go to client matter view.
netDocShare Hybrid Search
  • Ability to narrow down the list of search results to the folder level with the config builder settings.
  • Ability to view NetDocuments or SharePoint results individually with the config builder settings.
  • Ability to resize the column in hybrid view or separate view.
  • Ability to open the SharePoint search results document in a desktop application.
  • Ability to group by the SharePoint results based on the column.
netDocShare Sync
  • Ability to sync all versions of the NetDocuments files to the SharePoint library.
  • Ability to view the sync log file to track the in-progress and failed jobs.
netDocShare Attach
  • Ability to view and attach recent and favorite documents.
  • Ability to view and remove selected items.
  • Ability to attach documents in calendar view also (Supported in SharePoint classic).
  • New UI enhancements for netDocShare Attach.
  • Improved the filter section for NetDocuments and SharePoint results in netDocShare Hybrid Search.
Bug Fixes
  • Document smart preview enabling issue resolved.
netDocShare Hybrid Search
  • The search query will appear in the config builder immediately after publishing the webpart.
  • The ‘Sort By’ property in the config builder will automatically pop up on clearing and publishing the webpart.
  • Once a webpart is published and while editing it again, the user will not a view any blank popup screen.
netDocShare Sync
  • The files that are available in NetDocuments will show up in Sync.
  • On scrolling down, the user will not view the same files and folders which are repetitive in a workspace.