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netDocShare Release Notes

netDocShare v4.1.0.1007

Release date: (07/10/2023)
netDocShare Core
New Features
  • Dark Theme mode supported in the netDocShare Teams app.
  • Improved security standards for all KLoBot API calls.
  • Improved the overall performance in the Teams tab and SharePoint webpart.
  • Once deploying the SharePoint package, updating the License key file on the client-side assets is not necessary.
  • Improved the co-authoring performance.
  • Once Co-authoring ends, an email notification is sent to co-authors. To update the Azure application, please follow the below steps.
    1) Azure App registration => find your co-authoring application => API Permissions => add Mail. Send delegated permission and click grant admin consent
    2) In the Authentication tab => add the following redirect URLs
  • Improved the performance of the netDocShare Hybrid search filter or refinement section.
netDocShare Sync
New Features
  • Copy and move Documents back to the NetDocuments folder and files within NetDocuments.
  • Move file capability enhanced (delete the file permanently based on user selection).
  • Metadata columns sync supported for Teams and OneDrive.
  • Scheduled jobs UI upgraded.
  • UI performance improved.

netDocShare v4.0.0.2002

New Features
  • Ability to perform an advanced search in Go to client matter view.
netDocShare Hybrid Search
  • Ability to narrow down the list of search results to the folder level with the config builder settings.
  • Ability to view NetDocuments or SharePoint results individually with the config builder settings.
  • Ability to resize the column in hybrid view or separate view.
  • Ability to open the SharePoint search results document in a desktop application.
  • Ability to group by the SharePoint results based on the column.
netDocShare Sync
  • Ability to sync all versions of the NetDocuments files to the SharePoint library.
  • Ability to view the sync log file to track the in-progress and failed jobs.
netDocShare Attach
  • Ability to view and attach recent and favorite documents.
  • Ability to view and remove selected items.
  • Ability to attach documents in calendar view also (Supported in SharePoint classic).
  • New UI enhancements for netDocShare Attach.
  • Improved the filter section for NetDocuments and SharePoint results in netDocShare Hybrid Search.
Bug Fixes
  • Document smart preview enabling issue resolved.
netDocShare Hybrid Search
  • The search query will appear in the config builder immediately after publishing the webpart.
  • The ‘Sort By’ property in the config builder will automatically pop up on clearing and publishing the webpart.
  • Once a webpart is published and while editing it again, the user will not a view any blank popup screen.
netDocShare Sync
  • The files that are available in NetDocuments will show up in Sync.
  • On scrolling down, the user will not view the same files and folders which are repetitive in a workspace.