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netDocShare Hybrid Search

netDocShare Hybrid Search – An Overview

netDocShare Hybrid Search lets you search multiple NetDocuments and SharePoint content sources from one single integrated search interface in SharePoint.

In certain instances, when customers have to search content on the whole SharePoint and NetDocuments, they have to toggle between the two platforms. Whereas, in certain other cases, they might be on a client or matter-centric page in SharePoint and would just want to look up or search for some specific content that they prefer in NetDocuments without leaving SharePoint. So, customers look for an innovative solution that can help them quickly look at by matter number, by client number, and not just content alone from SharePoint, but also provide them the ability to look for any documents related to the client matter in their DMS platform, called NetDocuments. Do we have a solution? Yes, netDocShare Hybrid Search integration serves all these purposes to a kind of easy search for content in both the subsystems from one common interface system SharePoint.


*The key advantage of netDocShare Hybrid Search integration is it serves the purpose of quickly looking for any matter-related content in SharePoint as well as looking for any documents related to the client matter in your DMS platform called NetDocuments.

netDocShare Hybrid Search ensures to provide an exact search results experience to your query helping you to work faster. netDocShare Hybrid Search is a kind of surface source refiner that lets you filter on either source so quickly you can apply a filter and see - What is the SharePoint? What is the NetDocuments content related to that? Search keywords, and preview the document using the smart previewer, you can click on a document, and when you click it will open up automatically in the respective Office Client and a lot more. You can simply filter on SharePoint, and find the content including the ability to preview the document using the native SharePoint preview capabilities.

Search Results View

Within netDocShare Hybrid Search integration, if you search for a particular keyword, it will show two 2 results views - a Hybrid view and a Separate view.

*netDocShare Hybrid Search has two Results Views In the Hybrid view, users view NetDocuments and SharePoint content in a hybrid way. In the Separate view, users view the search results in two different tabs. Additionally, once the Hybrid view is enabled, users can choose between the detailed view and the summary view.

  • In the Detailed view, users can view the detailed description of the results that show up.
  • In the Summary view, users can view only the summarized view of the search results.

netDocShare Hybrid Search supports two more results views such as Tab View and Accordion View.

  • In the Tab view, the search results show up in a tab format.
  • In the Accordion view, the search results show up in a vertically stacked list.

Hybrid View

Hybrid view lets you view NetDocuments and SharePoint content in a hybrid way.

Within the Hybrid view, users have the ability to do hit highlighting so they can see that keyword is being hit highlighted to show why the content appeared in that hybrid search results.

Within the Hybrid view, users have the ability to control what column shows up here. The formatting of the results itself, so users have the ability to control all that, including the ability to control filters, the ability to control sort by, and the ability to control whether it renders in a hybrid view or in a tabbed accordion way. So, the netDocShare experience itself is basically one single Web Part for SharePoint.

The bottom line here is that the hybrid view lets users to view the search results of the keyword from both NetDocuments & SharePoint in one common screen. netDocShare Hybrid Search results view helps users to control how the results should show up. In the Hybrid view, the results are combined together into one common result source so users can view NetDocuments documents being shown with SharePoint documents, whereas in a Separate view, automatically two additional fields come up.

Hybrid view lets you view NetDocuments and SharePoint content in a hybrid way.

Separate view

The Separate view lets users to view the search results in two different tabs. In a Separate view, users will have two options, an accordion, meaning that it's stacked on top of each other, and tabs meaning that it's stacked side-by-side. Once a user choose tabs, they have the ability to name those tabs as the SharePoint results and NetDocuments results. So basically, other than combining the results together, user can show the results view side by side in a tabbed way.

The Key Features of netDocShare Hybrid Search integration
Search in SharePoint

netDocShare Hybrid allows users to write their own Keyword Query Language (KQL) to configure SharePoint search queries. In the same way, users can sort content to select from that by enabling the “sort by” managed property. This sortable managed property is unique to our software as these are tenant-wide managed properties, meaning a SharePoint Online tenant and a SharePoint on-premises tenant. In simple, netDocShare Hybrid search integration supports the ability to search for a managed property by just typing it and picking that managed property to either build a query string or a filterable.

Search in NetDocuments

Within NetDocuments, netDocShare Hybrid Search supports searching in two different sources, cabinet, or workspace. Users can search content in each workspace or multiple workspaces of NetDocuments. As the NetDocuments workspace comes with metadata, users can configure metadata properties. So, netDocShare Hybrid Search not only searches on the document content, but it also searches on the document metadata.


The default filter in netDocShare Hybrid Search helps to filter out content that users don't prefer to see. For example, when a user search and bring back results from NetDocuments, and they don't prefer to see any folders or any docx files, they can put a filter value like ignore docx to ignore those files or folders. Basically, netDocShare Hybrid Search provides the ability to create default filters that filter on top of the search results that NetDocuments bits out so you can see only specific results which you prefer. So, default filters let you search within search which is pretty cool.

My filters in the netDocShare are named Hybrid filters due to the ability to search on. The hybrid filter supports filtering in SharePoint as well as NetDocuments. Users can filter in SharePoint results by author field and filter NetDocuments results by modified by field, so Hybrid filters are extremely powerful allowing users to create very custom filtered experiences using the metadata, treating the metadata from the two different systems in a way they prefer.

Other functionalities

Once filtering content, users can perform a series of functions such as follows.

  • Users can filter content by type of document, size of documents, and path extension.
  • Users can directly preview, download, or open a document directly from the search results.
  • Users can directly print or export the search results directly on their local machine with the use of the icons located above the search results.
  • Users can collapse different views to search for specific content.
  • All the tabs and the search results are labeled for users to easily distinguish the sources of results.
  • The main search bar entries will display search results from all the workspaces that users select to provide exact results.