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netDocShare Release Notes

netDocShare v2.4.1.1008

  • New: Added a new service-based method of Authentication using a universal authentication
  • URL
    • Users can use this new system to bypass the requirements to create authentication pages on SharePoint. The new system will use a KLST-hosted service which will execute authentication on behalf of the user
    • Users can also opt to continue using the previous system, this change should not disrupt existing authentication methods. Please see our documentation for more info
  • Added a new option to configure the API search behavior that is executed when pressing enter or search inside the search bar in normal and Tree view
    • Users can now choose to return results from the entire cabinet (current) or only from the root container and all sub-containers
  • Added a new default filter config value for integrated search which can be used to filter NetDocuments search results by default
  • Fixed some issues with the Co-Authoring feature on Microsoft Teams

netDocShare v2.4.0.1507

  • New: Added a new Configuration Builder specifically for Integrated Search view
    • Users can create common filters using our UI elements. Direct access to the SharePoint list and ND authentication are required 
  • New: Added a bulk create tool which can be used to create Collabspaces in bulk
    • Uses a csv source file to generate multiple collabspaces, give them names and descriptions, and edit the ACL of the container
  • Added Dynamic column retrieval for the regular config builder
    • Users can now authenticate with NetDocuments on the Config Builder to retrieve their custom columns to include them in the list of column properties to display
  • Enabled Co-Authoring for netDocShare on Teams
    • Co-Authoring is now available for use on Teams
    • A valid OneDrive connection is required
    • Fixed several bugs involving Microsoft Authentication on all views and improved overall stability of the process
  • Fixed several bugs involving the styling of the context menu on different environments, sizes and viewports
  • Fixed several authentication bugs

netDocShare v2.3.1

  • Integrated netDocShare Teams App with KLobot Bot Builder system
    • NetDocuments content can be queried through voice or chat using the KLobot bot builder integration with Teams 
  • Updated License check process to be more user-friendly
    • Added more specific loading messages to differentiate between processes
    • License info will now persist locally for 24 hours upon checking, requiring less calls to our license API and reducing the initial load times for all webparts
  • Enhanced View: CollabSearch, enables using client & matter query strings to be able to search for and display contents of a Collabspace
  • New View: Integrated Search
    • A fully configurable search results view that integrates SharePoint search with NetDocuments search
    • Features 2 view modes (accordion, tabs), shared or individual filters, a search box only mode, configurable result tables and its own config builder view
    • Features a fully configurable Filter list that can associate SharePoint columns with NetDocuments columns and refer to the combined filter as a “common filter”

netDocShare v2.3.0.2905

  • netDocShare is now supported on Microsoft Teams
    • Users can create custom tabs that display content from NetDocuments. Supports all current views available for netDocShare 
    • Users can create personal tabs to see account-specific content such as user’s recent documents, favorites, and ndThread.
    • Teams App is also usable as a standalone app in the Teams App Store, outside of our regular SharePoint license package
  • Added support for new NetDocuments feature: smartPreview.
    • smartPreview will now replace the previous preview option from the context menu on all environments except IE. IE is not supported for smartPreview and will continue to use the old preview. 
    • Users can also configure their default click behavior to invoke smart preview in a new tab
  • Revised Authentication flow to support login and logout for all views, optionally available through editing configs
    • Authentication is now improved to require less user prompts in terms of login and permissions. It should now automatically retrieve tokens in the background in most cases where the user is already logged in and has a refresh token  
    • Added ability to logout from NetDocuments in netDocShare views
  • Fixed several bugs relating to TreeView node functionality
  • Fixed bugs causing the context menu to be hidden behind other elements or go off the page 

netDocShare v2.2.0

  • Major backend changes to support Teams App integration 
    • Added the router to support multiple access types into App 
    • Added routes for content and config URLs for Teams App
    • Added new components and views specific to Teams App

netDocShare v2.1.4.2703

  • Added support for German (DE) server for NetDocuments API 
  • Fixed a few bugs for Compact Mode
  • Fixed import bugs for the Config Builder popup   

netDocShare v2.1.3.2303

  • Fixed additional console errors in IE
  • Fixed several bugs caused by having multiple webparts on the same page
    • Fixed issue with table messages repeating on every webpart
    • Fixed issue with contextMenu popups appearing on the wrong webpart
    • Fixed issue with upload going to the wrong destination
  • New Feature: Compact Mode for Normal View is a streamlined way of stripping down the webpart to its most basic features. Important for putting webparts on pages that already has existing webpart content
  • New TreeView option: Users can now choose between showing all contents (including subfolders and other containers such as filters, saved searches etc.) in the right-side records display table (as well as showing them on the left side tree) or showing only documents in the table
  • Click Behavior: Users can now choose between default (navigate to and 3 other options based on their preference and available NetDocuments Features.
    • Option 2: Opens the doc profile on NetDocuments and opens a full screen browser preview
    • Option 3: Utilizes NetDocuments “Secure Link” feature (must be enabled cabinet administration) to open a full screen browser preview
    • Option 4: Simply downloads the documents on to your local machine

netDocShare v2.1.2.1902

  • Re-factored custom column retrieval to handle different data and input types from NetDocuments Cabinet Profile Attributes. netDocShare should now be able to handle additional types of customized Profile Attributes
  • Fixed several reported authentication redirect issues in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed several reported CSS issues in Internet Explorer
  • Co-Authoring is now disabled for SharePoint On-Prem and non-SharePoint environments pending further notice
  • Updated Licensing system. Users will now receive unique license key that must be inserted into the deploy location

netDocShare v2.1.1.1902

  • Fixed multiple functionality issues caused by Internet Explorer
  • Fixed an issue where green checkmark indicators for “check-in” and “check-out” functions were not showing up correctly

netDocShare v2.1.0.1902

  • New: Added limited support for IE11 browsers
    • IE11 must be run in non-protected mode for smoother login procedure
    • Some minor styling issues remain
  • Fix authentication issue where multiple auth popups would appear for pages with multiple webparts
  • Fixed bug in which ndThread connection was tied to US URLs
  • Fixed various styling issues with popup dialogs

netDocShare v2.0.1.1202

  • Fixed Authentication issues in which Microsoft login was interfering with NetDocuments Authentication process
  • Added default values for Context Menu and Columns if user does not select values
  • Added additional context Menu sizes for accessibility
  • Added support for retrieving custom column values from NetDocuments

netDocShare v2.0.0.0402

  • New Feature: ndThread, integrated a chat interface with document and workspace-related features, developed by NetDocuments.
  • New Feature: Co-Authoring
    • Users can now Co-Author Microsoft Office based documents. Currently supporting docx, xlsx, pptx. Requires Microsoft OneDrive.
  • New Feature: Auth selector
    • Our Authentication uses iFrame popups by default. We now also support full-page redirect for environments which cannot use iFrame for security reasons.
  • Added Rich Text editor in config builder
    • Users can create customized banner above login / permissions window from NetDocuments, using HTML content. Not compatible with redirect style of Authentication.
  • Message Added for Internet Explorer users, expressing that we do not support Internet Explorer in this current build
  • Added a popup config builder for updated environments such as SharePoint Online
  • Added additional config support for EU tenants
  • New farm solution architecture for SharePoint 2013 On Premises
    • New farm solution option avoids many permission-related issues in SharePoint 2013