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Release notes v2.0

netDocShare v2.1.3.2303

  • Fixed additional console errors in IE
  • Fixed several bugs caused by having multiple webparts on the same page
    • Fixed issue with table messages repeating on every webpart
    • Fixed issue with contextMenu popups appearing on the wrong webpart
    • Fixed issue with upload going to the wrong destination
  • New Feature: Compact Mode for Normal View is a streamlined way of stripping down the webpart to its most basic features. Important for putting webparts on pages that already has existing webpart content
  • New TreeView option: Users can now choose between showing all contents (including subfolders and other containers such as filters, saved searches etc.) in the right-side records display table (as well as showing them on the left side tree) or showing only documents in the table
  • Click Behavior: Users can now choose between default (navigate to and 3 other options based on their preference and available NetDocuments Features.
    • Option 2: Opens the doc profile on NetDocuments and opens a full screen browser preview
    • Option 3: Utilizes NetDocuments “Secure Link” feature (must be enabled cabinet administration) to open a full screen browser preview
    • Option 4: Simply downloads the documents on to your local machine

netDocShare v2.1.2.1902

  • Re-factored custom column retrieval to handle different data and input types from NetDocuments Cabinet Profile Attributes. netDocShare should now be able to handle additional types of customized Profile Attributes
  • Fixed several reported authentication redirect issues in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed several reported CSS issues in Internet Explorer
  • Co-Authoring is now disabled for SharePoint On-Prem and non-SharePoint environments pending further notice
  • Updated Licensing system. Users will now receive unique license key that must be inserted into the deploy location

netDocShare v2.1.1.1902

  • Fixed multiple functionality issues caused by Internet Explorer
  • Fixed an issue where green checkmark indicators for “check-in” and “check-out” functions were not showing up correctly

netDocShare v2.1.0.1902

  • New: Added limited support for IE11 browsers
    • IE11 must be run in non-protected mode for smoother login procedure
    • Some minor styling issues remain
  • Fix authentication issue where multiple auth popups would appear for pages with multiple webparts
  • Fixed bug in which ndThread connection was tied to US URLs
  • Fixed various styling issues with popup dialogs

netDocShare v2.0.1.1202

  • Fixed Authentication issues in which Microsoft login was interfering with NetDocuments Authentication process
  • Added default values for Context Menu and Columns if user does not select values
  • Added additional context Menu sizes for accessibility
  • Added support for retrieving custom column values from NetDocuments

netDocShare v2.0.0.0402

  • New Feature: ndThread, integrated a chat interface with document and workspace-related features, developed by NetDocuments.
  • New Feature: Co-Authoring
    • Users can now Co-Author Microsoft Office based documents. Currently supporting docx, xlsx, pptx. Requires Microsoft OneDrive.
  • New Feature: Auth selector
    • Our Authentication uses iFrame popups by default. We now also support full-page redirect for environments which cannot use iFrame for security reasons.
  • Added Rich Text editor in config builder
    • Users can create customized banner above login / permissions window from NetDocuments, using HTML content. Not compatible with redirect style of Authentication.
  • Message Added for Internet Explorer users, expressing that we do not support Internet Explorer in this current build
  • Added a popup config builder for updated environments such as SharePoint Online
  • Added additional config support for EU tenants
  • New farm solution architecture for SharePoint 2013 On Premises
    • New farm solution option avoids many permission-related issues in SharePoint 2013