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Release notes v3.0

netDocShare v3.0.0.2112

netDocShare SharePoint Webparts
  • Major changes to workspace view
    • Users can now choose between our existing workspace view and a new view which segregates documents and containers, which is meant to simulate how NetDocuments displays workspace content on their website
    • This is controlled by a setting called “Workspace Content Display” which can be switch between “All” (our previous default view) and “Toggle” which lets users switch between containers (“Summary View”) and documents (“List View”)
    • In Summary View, users can Expand and Collapse containers to see the documents inside. Clicking a container will navigate directly to the container
    • Fixed an issue in which infinite scroll was not retrieving the proper content from the container
  • Source ID querying added to the Config Builder, Column querying improved
    • Instead of searching for container IDs in NetDocuments, the Config Builder now offers automatic source ID querying.
    • Users can choose the source cabinet, workspace or folder and choose main or sub-containers to set as their primary source.
    • The ability to manually insert IDs is still preserved for legacy users
    • “Get All Columns” will persist for an existing webpart, users no longer must re-retrieve their columns each time they use config Builder
  • Numerous usability and UX improvements in the Config Builder
    • The Config Builder should now be the go-to solution for quickly and easily creating a new view for all users. More technical users can still edit the Config JSON for more granular control
  • Search & content Issues
    • Search will now display the current container that will be searched as placeholder text in the search box
    • Clarified the search box so that it no longer filters and will only search in the source container and sub-containers
    • Clarified search behavior options: “Search All” will include all metadata content including document content. “Search current View” will only search on existing metadata columns. Neither search option can expand the search scope beyond the chosen primary source
    • Fixed a bug with infinite scroll which would cause some content to fail to be retrieved in high data volume environments
  • UX / UI improvements
    • Resizable columns: Users can now drag columns to resize them in the main table display for all views
    • Re-orderable columns: Users can also drag & drop column names in the Config Builder to re-order them
    • Treeview can now optionally display parent container info in the Tree Navigation bar in order to avoid confusing containers with the same or similar names
    • Treeview will now word wrap names on the left side navigation panel to facilitate longer titles and parent container info
  • Ability to Export WebPart Views to Excel
  • Improvements to Integrated Search (Enterprise only)
    • Added option to directly print search results for SharePoint or NetDocuments
    • Added the ability to show only filters for the compact mode, in additional to the option to only show the search box
    • Search term and filters will now be preserved when navigating back to search from a different page
Teams App “netDocShare”
  • Significant Speed improvements when loading user configs
  • Source ID querying added to “Add / Edit” tab dialog
    • Similar to SharePoint, Teams users can now see dynamically queried containers from their NetDocuments account to set as their primary source in a Teams Tab
    • Similar to SharePoint, Custom columns can be dynamically queried, added and re-arranged in the tab config
    • Fixed some bugs which was disallowing certain views from importing the data correctly into the basic and Advanced configuration window
  • Limited support has been added for viewing Teams tabs on mobile. Support may vary depending on the device used
  • All improvements to webparts and webpart views from above also apply to Teams
SharePoint Extension “Save to NetDocuments”
  • Introducing a new feature (for Enterprise users) that can be installed independently, our “Save to NetDocuments” Extension adds custom commands to any site collection document libraries
  • This feature is only available to SPO users currently with plans to expand to SP on-Premises 2016-2019.
  • Users can save single or multiple documents directly from the SharePoint library to NetDocuments
  • Already saved documents are tracked using a custom column “netDocumentsUrl”. Users can click this link to navigate directly to the location in NetDocuments. Saving the document again will update the existing document on NetDocuments with the latest changes from the SharePoint library