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Features of netDocShare

Every WebPart has the ability to show not only Documents but also Saved Searches, Cabinets, WorkSpaces, Filters, ShareSpaces, CollabSpaces, Folders and Sub-Folders

Preview Document

Get a quick and convenient Live-Preview of any NetDocuments content in SharePoint

View on NetDocuments

Navigate to open and view any document in NetDocuments

Check out & Check in

Check-out functionality prevents anyone from editing the document while a user is updating it. Check-in allows users to make it available for your team to edit, update and collaborate.

Favorites View

Ability to favorite documents and later view under a separate view

Saved Emails

Conveniently save and view emails from the last 30 days


Live-view and open any NetDocuments content within SharePoint


Access and download any NetDocuments Content within SharePoint

Rename File

Easily rename any document within NetDocuments from SharePoint


Easily delete any document within NetDocuments from SharePoint

Lock Version

Lock version of the documents to dis-allow further changes or updates

Get Secured Link

Share secure links of the document with internal or external users

View in Browser

Get full view of the document and version history


Follow any document to track changes and updates via email notification