netDocShare Teams

netDocShare Teams app

netDocShare Teams app allows Microsoft Teams users to access NetDocuments content right within Microsoft Teams, adding the app as either a Channel’s Tab or Pin as a personal app.

Pin netDocShare Teams app as a Personal App

netDocShare Teams app can be accessed readily through the Teams Personal app bar for quick access anytime on Teams to your Favorite documents, Recent Documents or ndThread.


View & edit any NetDocuments Content

netDocShare Teams app can be used in any Teams Channel to view & edit any NetDocuments Content source namely Workspace, Cabinet, Folder, Sub-Folder, Filter, Saved Search, ShareSpace, CollabSpace.


View ND CollabSpace content in an “Externally Shared Team"

netDocShare Teams app allows a firm to view Client-shared CollabSpaces within NetDocuments via Microsoft Teams channel which is externally shared with the client for collaboration & communication.


netDocShare Teams app offers the ability to perform NetDocuments Contextual Search or Deep Search right from within Teams.


Tree View of multiple Workspaces Or Folders or Sub-Folders

Using the netDocShare Teams “TreeView”, your Microsoft Teams users can use this consolidated TreeView of multiple Netdocuments content sources in the same tab without the need to add several tabs to the Team>Channel.


Save Microsoft Teams Channel Conversation to NetDocuments

Save Microsoft Teams Channel Conversation Thread selectively to NetDocuments and ensure Content Governance and Compliance.


Find and Include NetDocuments documents in Microsoft Teams

Find and include NetDocuments documents within your Team Channel’s Post Tab (Conversation Thread) using netDocShare Teams app Messaging Extensions.


AI-powered conversations

Within the Microsoft Teams chat thread, users can simply use natural language to find the corresponding NetDocuments content contextual to the conversation.