Centralize Content and Promote Collaboration of remote workers in Microsoft Teams


Combating the COVID-19 outbreak with remote collaboration

The global uncertainty and widespread challenges have put tremendous pressure on organizations to rethink effective strategies and enhance communication within teams to efficiently coordinate all ongoing projects.

Remote working has now become a new normal to maintain productivity and business continuity. As per the report, during the last decade, the US witnessed an increase of 91% in remote work.


This shift in working patterns has forced organizations to work collaboratively and implement new technologies for digital work.

In the current scenario of Coronavirus pandemic, most of the professionals around the world are working from home, and group collaboration tools, including Microsoft Teams, are gaining wider adoption for external and internal company communications.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rely on digital infrastructure to effectively operate their employees and keep their systems up to date.

Organizations across the globe are leveraging the digital and cloud platforms to define administrative rights and set up governance policies. These businesses are utilizing robust corporate tools, including Microsoft Teams and NetDocuments, maintaining constant communication and document sharing between the employees.

Microsoft Teams – a hub for teamwork

With its Office Suite, which has well-established existence in the workplace, Microsoft is now growing in the collaboration marketplace. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform for providing instant access to everything an employee requires – right in Office 365.

In simple terms, Teams is a messaging tool that allows text-based communication, video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and much more between users in the same organization. Teams have become a must-have workplace essential for organizations to keep the tools, employees, conversations, and content together.

Using Apps in Microsoft Teams for process automation

Existing apps and custom apps make it easier for employees to get the desired work done without leaving Teams. Applications built for Microsoft Teams can automate the routine processes and workflows. These integrated apps allow organizations to create the hub for teamwork, fostering a data-driven culture.

Challenges associated with remote working

The coerced shift towards remote collaboration has a diverse set of challenges for the organizations. With critical business documents saved across multiple locations, professionals are facing challenges in terms of sharing information across boundaries and transferring the files via unsecure platforms.

The absence of robust and accessible platforms makes it difficult for employees to collaborate with their peers and deliver quality work.

The changing working modes have also increased the cybersecurity risks as organizations’ sensitive information is now being routed through the employee’s home network instead of organizations’ secure network.

Hence the integration of real-time messaging applications (Teams) with document management tools (NetDocuments) is vital for secure remote access and file sharing.

netDocShare Teams app enabling the integration of NetDocuments with Teams

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document management software that allows data-sensitive organizations (law firms, financial institutions, insurance, and more) to collaborate, share, edit, and manage documents in a secure location.


Integration of NetDocuments with Teams offers inherent security and comprehensive governance protocols, empowering organizations to enhance document sharing and collaboration with both internal as well as external stakeholders.

“netDocShare Teams app, with its integrated search capabilities and built-in access to NetDocuments, enables the users to access all information in one place, resulting in a unified and secure viewing experience of NetDocuments content in Teams. “

With a simplified interface for non-technical users, netDocShare represents an opportunity for business leaders to make well-informed decisions and increase work productivity.


Recently launched netDocShare Teams app allows legal professionals to live view and access the content of NetDocuments within Microsoft Teams conversations, which would further enhance the law firm’s productivity and lawyers’ experiences.

Additionally, the app allows its users to edit and update NetDocuments content within Microsoft Teams to reduce the multiple document versions. netDocShare Teams app connects Teams with NetDocuments storage and empowers lawyers to reduce the time spent on locating content during meetings.

netDocShare Teams app offers clients a seamless transition to work from home setup and empowers organizations to keep the teams connected as well as productive while working remotely.

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