Offering secure access to Firm’s DMS content within Microsoft Teams conversation

Offering secure access to Firm’s DMS content within Microsoft Teams conversation

Offering-secure-access-to-Firm's-DMS content within-MS-Team

Document Management – a rising challenge in the workplace

For organizations, it has always been a challenge to execute internal as well as external document workflows efficiently. Nearly 83% of the knowledge workers lose or waste time each day on document collaboration issues. 1

“Simple tasks, including document creation, sharing, signing, and collaboration with clients and colleagues, can become challenging and significantly impact employee’s productivity. “

Document challenges are robbing organizations of around 21.3% of their overall employee productivity.2 Ineffective document collaboration can have a significant business impact, as 81% of the knowledge workers found themselves working on the wrong version of a file.3 Other than declined productivity, compromised security and eroded sustainability are the most common challenges associated with document management.

Major reasons for productivity loss:

Improper tools for handling document workflows

Outdated document collaboration practices

Existing file-sharing services

Version management issues

Document Management System – a solution for better workflow

Document Management System (DMS) refers to an electronic system designed for capturing, organizing and managing documents. DMS is also known as paperless automation software, which automates the tedious administrative and paper-based tasks, allowing employees to focus more on customer-facing and other pertinent tasks.

“COVID-19 outbreak has forced organizations to shift towards a smart digital workforce to keep their workforce running remotely. “

In this remote working era, document management systems offer employees fast, scalable, and secure network infrastructure resulting in streamlined employees’ workday. The global pandemic has put strains on organizations to rely heavily on digital documents, making it further essential to enhance security in today’s document collaboration systems. Worldwide, several organizations are moving to Microsoft Teams to ensure the safety of their employees and supporting them to work from home.


However, the usage of teams may be hindered without integration with a cloud-based document management service (NetDocuments). NetDocuments is used by around 2000 law firms and corporations worldwide, which emphasizes on integrating NetDocuments with Teams.

netDocShare is an innovative solution that allows its users to conveniently view, edit, and update NetDocuments repository, including CollabSpaces, Documents, WorkSpaces, ShareSpaces, Cabinets, Saved Searches, Folders, and Sub-Folders within Microsoft Teams.

“netDocShare is enabling organizations to create a modern digital workplace by eliminating the need to leave Teams for accessing matter documents.”

Fig:1 netDocShare: A simplified Interface


netDocShare – empowering virtual team conversations

netDocShare is an incredibly robust solution that integrates the best of NetDocuments and Microsoft Teams and allows its users to easily access relevant NetDocuments content within a Team conversation thread. It gives the power to collaborate with real-time sharing of NetDocuments within conversations. netDocShare offer its clients a secure infrastructure for document sharing with internal as well as external users.

“The launch of the netDocShare Teams app has enhanced the power of instant collaboration and communication using the flexibility of Microsoft Teams with advanced document management capabilities of NetDocuments. “

During this COVID-19 pandemic, netDocShare is empowering organizations to boost their workplace productivity with intuitive conversational interfaces. netDocShare Teams app offers remote workers with conversational AI capabilities (chat feature) to easily refer NetDocuments content within Microsoft Teams’ conversations.

Fig:2 netDocShare Teams app empowering users to perform key functions


netDocShare Teams app – delivering an enhanced digital experience to remote users

Within Teams, users can easily add netDocShare Teams app as a new channel tab or simply pin as a personal app. netDocShare personal app pinned to Teams Navigation bar offers users a chat functionality to ask any queries related to documents stored in NetDocuments DMS. A search function is one of the most used features in DMS, and employees spend a maximum of their time looking for a specific document. netDocShare Teams app allows users to search for relevant documents and easily access the information they are seeking.

With the netDocShare Teams app, remote workers can easily interact and access documents during Microsoft Teams conversations. netDocShare Teams app empowers virtual team conversations, enabling general counsels and law firms to maximize knowledge access. This enables organizations to drive the productivity of legal teams and make smarter and efficient business decisions.


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