Add a Service Account to NetDocuments

Log in to NetDocuments Admin account and click the log in username. You will be able to see the Admin option. On hover, it will show the Cabinets under Repository.


Clicking on the Repository or Cabinet will navigate you to the Admin page.

Click on the Options Menu and then click on Users & Groups.


This action will navigate you to the page below. In that page you can select the Service Accounts tab. On clicking the CREATE button, you will be able to add the Service Account.


After clicking on the CREATE Service Account button, it will open a popup. Please enter the email id and click CREATE button.


This will lead to another popup window for mapping the Client id.


Enter any one of the Client ids in the application id field based on your region and then click on the CREATE MAPPING button and then SAVE.

  • US Client Id: AP-P0VO45CC
  • EU Client Id: AP-2JHJYM17
  • DE Client Id: AP-8B2ZI9IY
  • AU Client Id: AP-57X3A51Z