User Guide – netDocShare Scheduler Job Installation

  1. Save the netDocShare Sync - Job folder in the system
  2. Extract the Zip file
  3. Open the netDocShare Sync - Job Scheduler folder
  4. Select the NetDocShareSyncTool.exe.config file
  5. Open the NetDocShareSyncTool.exe.config file (Open as Notepad)
  6. Enter the License Key value and Save the NetDocShareSyncTool.exe.config file
  7. Open the Task Scheduler
  8. Expand the Task Scheduler library
  9. Right Click on Task Scheduler library
  10. Click “New Folder” (Entered the Folder name and Click Ok)
  11. New Folder created
  12. Right Click on newly Created Folder and Click “Create Task”
  13. Click Create Task
  14. Enter the Name and select the radio button option as “Run Whether user logged on or not”
  15. Click “Triggers” tab
  16. Click New
  17. Select “At Startup” options and click OK
  18. Click “Actions” Tab
  19. Click New
  20. Click Browse button and select the netDocSharesynctool.exe (application) (on netDocShare Sync - Job Scheduler folder)
  21. Select the netDocSharesynctool.exe (application) and Click Ok
  22. Click Ok
  23. Select the username and enter the password
  24. Click Ok
  25. Select and right click on the Task and Click Run