Augmenting Document Management and Enterprise Collaboration Experience

NetDocuments-netDocShare–Augmenting DocumentManagementand Enterprise Collaboration Experience

netDocShare – An Enterprise Collaboration Tool

Enterprises continue to face significant challenges in document management, especially while provisioning co-authored files. Co-authoring a file requires the software to have a shared storage area, apps that support co-authoring, version management, and edit permissions. The concept of co-authored documents and collaboration goes hand-in-hand, as co-authoring is fruitful when documents stored over cloud infrastructure and allow document views and provide rights discretely to users irrespective of location.

“netDocShare serves enterprises’ feature-rich content and collaboration, with NetDocuments available in SharePoint, for collaborative work among team members.”

netDocShare allows using NetDocuments files in the SharePoint environment. With cloud-based offerings, netDocShare offers NetDocuments files availability and share co-authored files among team members. Indeed, it substantially shrinks the content chaos among the document users in the enterprise, especially legal firms.


When legal firms deal with many stakeholders for document modification and notification, netDocShare acts as an ideal choice where users do not need to manually copy & paste NetDocuments files in SharePoint, saving hundreds of billing work hours with ease of document management. The use of netDocShare enhances user experience with security features of document management.

NetDocuments Content Operations

Enterprises or attorneys can use netDocShare for NetDocuments file operations, including the update of NetDocuments Cabinets, Workplaces, Folders, ShareSpaces with search options using WebParts, including Simple View, Advanced View, Recent Docs View, Favorites View, Client/Matter View or Tree View.

Enterprises can sort and filter documents and view them as per requirement or case. The users are empowered to create new versions of files or co-author a file saved in the cloud.

netDocShare builds a powerful communication tool

The netDocShare also allows conversation threading for easy reference of documents with ndThreads in a web application, to start or continue with the existing ndThread. One of the most intriguing features is of search multi WebParts, which helps in easy sourcing and searching for files in a location shared by multiple users.


The official versions of NetDocuments files can be modified within SharePoint or a web app/mobile app for netDocShare files. The integration of NetDocuments and SharePoint creates a powerful platform to use secured NetDocuments files in a communication tool or environment.

netDocShare leverages the best-in-class features and helps enterprises or law firms immensely in collaborative approaches in Document Management Systems, allowing smooth internal file sharing in a common platform and creation of custom WebParts to identify relevant files in cluttered folders.

Feature-rich experience for enterprises

The functions offered by netDocShare include file upload, search, refresh, and sort NetDocuments file within the SharePoint. These functions allow users to run various operations, including document preview, rename, open/download, and check-in/out.


“In a nutshell, netDocShare offers enriched Document Management Software to collaboratively develop content or files and also share the files with secured file permissions, with no requirement of NetDocuments subscription for the clients.“

Various tasks, including preview, versioning, deletion, lock version, generation of secured link, and tracking documents via email notification, provide flexibility to enterprises where managing and streaming of files become difficult. netDocShare empowers enterprises that manage sensitive documents with features for update notification, version management, conversation thread, modify official version, search via WebParts, assign file parameters for classification, common platform to share documents to clients, download, and browser view.

Organizations opt for netDocShare to bring forth enhanced file management practices, saving several man-hours and allowing them to focus on their core activities. The software typically helps in scalability when multiple participants or contributors cumulatively work on single or multiple files together. netDocShare tremendously helps in tracking documents and sending update alerts to stakeholders.

netDocShare is built on the SharePoint platform to perform the auto transfer of NetDocuments file, with added custom tools to help end-users in searching, sorting, and editing of documents in netDocShare.

“Overall, netDocShare focused on offering integrated product development, adding cost value for enterprises as well as taking care of the tasks of document management, and sharing in a real-time platform allowing each user to be involved in the assignments or projects.”

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