Empower Virtual Team conversations

Empower Virtual Team conversations  with enterprise content to build a high-performance remote workforce

Empower Virtual Teams conversations with enterprise content

Emphasizing to bring in the power of instant collaboration and communication while working remote is of paramount significance to build a high performing virtual team. This is why we look for ways to gain actionable insights via Teams conversations that could drive the productivity of legal teams.

A value-added tech-enabled innovation like the netDocShare Teams app enables law firms and general counsels to maximize knowledge access by empowering virtual team conversations with enterprise content right within Microsoft Teams. team with security features. Without a proper solution in place, it becomes difficult to manage each case for search, sort, and web portal interface.

The industry requires a strong value proposition that would allow the seamless experience of working across both these solutions without having to move the files from their primary location.

Bring your Virtual Team and Enterprise Content together in Microsoft Teams

netDocShare Teams app for Microsoft Teams assists your employees quickly access NetDocuments content right inside of Microsoft Teams and ultimately saving your productive hours.

netDocShare Teams app assists Legal Professionals to leverage the virtual team conversations, enabling easy access to relevant firm content right within a Team conversation thread and ultimately saving the productive hours. Moreover, Legal professionals can allow NetDocuments content to be available to others within Teams for updates and predominantly stay connected for better collaboration.

The empowerment of Legal technology

In affinity to legal tech-enabled innovation, the netDocShare Teams app brings you a bundle of features and interactive assets within Teams as the best way forward.

Simple to install and Pin as a personal app:

Install netDocShare Teams app within minutes and rapidly add Channel Tabs or just have the netDocShare Personal app pinned to Teams Navigation bar to quickly access your NetDocuments content such as My Favorite Documents, Recent Documents, and ndThread right within Teams.

netDocShare - StandardView

In netDocShare Teams app, you can view any NetDocuments content in Microsoft Teams using Standard View, Tree View, Recent Documents, Favorite Documents, or Compact View

Standard view:

Display using Standard View, any NetDocuments content stored in Cabinets, Workspaces, SavedSearch, Filters, Folders, Sub-Folders, ShareSpaces, or CollabSpaces right within any Team Channel Tab.

netDocShare - StandardView

Tree view:

Display using Tree View, multiple NetDocuments content sources in a single consolidated view within Teams Channel Tab.


View or contribute to NDThread discussions within Teams at ease.


View your NetDocuments related to Favorite Documents within Teams.

Other Key Capabilities you must explore!

netDocShare Teams app allows you to perform the key functions such as Check-in, Check-out, Rename, Lock, Preview, Download, Delete, Get Secured Link, Follow, Create New Version, Mark as Favorite any document in NetDocuments.

“The biggest advantage our firm gets from netDocShare is the ability to view and share NetDocuments within Team conversations, eliminating the need to leave Teams to access matter documents”

netDocShare Teams app augments the power of instant collaboration and communication using MS Teams with advanced Document Management capabilities of NetDocuments to create a modern digital workplace.

Getting the netDocShare Teams app is easy; follow this link https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/WA200001619 and install netDocShare Teams App within your Microsoft Teams Client in a few minutes.

netDocShare – Incredibly Connected!

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