netDocShare Attach Extension SP19 User Guide


netDocShare Attach Extension Classic is a SharePoint 19 extension which is used to attach the NetDocuments folders and files link to the SharePoint List column.

netDocShare Attach Option in SharePoint 19 List

Initially the “netDocShare Attach” option does not show in the SharePoint 19 items Ribbon. Once the list items are selected it shows the “netDocShare Attach” option.

Attach folders and files link from NetDocuments

  • When the User clicks on “netDocShare Attach” it will open a pop-up.
  • In the pop-up window the User needs to select the Source Type, which is used to show that specific source. For example, if the User selects Source Type as Workspace, then the fields shown are Cabinet and Workspace. Select the specific Workspace and the contents for that Workspace will be shown.
  • Users can select folders and files and then click the Save button at the bottom right of the pop-up window.
  • Once the Save button is clicked, it will save the folders and files and link to SharePoint list “NDAttachments” column.
  • “NDAttachments” SharePoint column is created automatically if the column does not exist in the SharePoint list.
  • If the User wants to remove the attachments link from “NDAttachments” column, the User needs to edit the list item and remove the attachments.